Form 72C

Courts of Justice Act

stop order

(Court file no.)


(Name of judge or officer)                                                                                                                                            (Day and date order made)

(Court Seal)

(Title of proceeding)


(Recitals in accordance with Form 59A or 59B, followed by:) the (identify applicant or moving party) having undertaken by counsel to be bound by any order this court makes in respect of costs or damages caused by this order,

1.     THIS COURT ORDERS that all money and securities held by the Accountant (or local registrar at (place)) in this proceeding now or in the future, together with any interest, to which (identify party) is or becomes entitled shall not be dealt with except on notice to (identify applicant or moving party).

(Signature of judge or officer)

RCP-E 72C (November 1, 2005)