Form 60I.1

Courts of Justice Act

notice to co-OWNER OF THE DEBT

(General heading as in Form 60H)

TO (name and address of co-owner of the debt)

A LEGAL PROCEEDING in this court between the creditor and the debtor has resulted in an order that the debtor pay a sum of money to the creditor.  The creditor has given a notice of garnishment to (name of garnishee) claiming that the garnishee owes a debt to the debtor.  A debt to the debtor includes both a debt payable to the debtor and a debt payable to the debtor and one or more other co-owners.  The garnishee has indicated in the attached garnishee’s statement that you are a co-owner.  Under the notice of garnishment the garnishee has paid the greater of the debtor’s ownership interest, as known to the garnishee, or one-half of the indebtedness to the sheriff.

IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM to the money being paid to the sheriff by the garnishee, you have 30 days from service of this notice to make a motion to the court for a garnishment hearing.  If you fail to do so, you may not hereafter dispute the enforcement of the creditor’s order for the payment of recovery of money under the Rules of Civil Procedure and the funds may be paid out in accordance with the Creditor’s Relief Act.

Date .........................

RCP-E 60I.1 (November 1, 2005)