Form 56A

Courts of Justice Act

order for security for costs

(Court file no.)


(Name of judge or master)                                                                                                                                                  (Day and date order made)

(Court Seal)

(Title of Proceeding)

order for security for costs

(Recitals in accordance with Form 59A)

1.     THIS COURT ORDERS that within ......................... days after this order is served on the plaintiff, (or applicant), the plaintiff (or applicant) shall pay into court (or to (name)) the sum of $......................... as security for the costs of this proceeding.

(Where a plaintiff or applicant is ordered to give security for costs in some other form, give a description of the security required and vary the form of the order accordingly.)

2.     THIS COURT ORDERS that until the security required by this order has been given, the plaintiff (or applicant) may not take any step in this proceeding, except an appeal from this order (or as otherwise ordered).

(Signature of judge, master or registrar)

RCP-E 56A (November 1, 2005)