Form 55B

Courts of Justice Act

notice to party added on reference

(General heading)

notice to party added on reference

TO     (Name of party added on reference)

By order of the court, a copy of which is served with this notice, a reference was directed to (person conducting reference) for the purpose of (set out purpose of reference).

YOU HAVE BEEN MADE A PARTY TO THIS PROCEEDING by order of (name of person conducting reference), a copy of which is also served with this notice.

THE REFERENCE WILL PROCEED on (day), (date), at (time), at (address).

YOU MAKE A MOTION to a judge of this court WITHIN TEN DAYS (or where the person is to be served outside Ontario, such further time as the referee directs) after this notice is served on you to set aside or vary the order directing the reference or the order adding you as a party.

IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO OR IF YOU FAIL TO ATTEND ON THE REFERENCE, in person or by an Ontario lawyer acting for you, the reference may proceed in your absence and without further notice to you, and you will be bound by any order made in this proceeding.


(Name, address and telephone number of solicitor or party serving notice)

TO     (Name and address of party added on reference)

RCP-E 55B (November 1, 2005)