Form 53B

Courts of Justice Act

warrant for arrest (defaulting witness)

(Court file no.)


(Name of judge)                                                                                                                                                                       (Day and date)

(Court Seal)

(Title of Proceeding)

warrant for arrest


AND TO the officers of all correctional institutions in Ontario

WHEREAS the witness (name), of (address), was served with a summons to witness to give evidence at the hearing of this proceeding, and the proper attendance money was paid or tendered,

AND WHEREAS the witness failed to obey the summons, and I am satisfied that the evidence of the witness is material to this proceeding,

YOU ARE ORDERED TO ARREST and bring the witness (name of witness) before the court to give evidence in this proceeding, and if the court is not then sitting or if the witness cannot be brought forthwith before the court, to deliver the witness to a provincial correctional institution or other secure facility, to be admitted and detained there until the witness can be brought before the court.

(Signature of judge)

RCP-E 53B (November 1, 2005)