Form 34E

Courts of Justice Act

oRDer for commission and letter of request

(Court file no.)


(Name of judge or officer)                                                                                                                                                  (Day and date order made)

(Court Seal)

(Title of proceeding)


(Recitals in accordance with Form 59A)

1.     THIS COURT ORDERS (give particulars of any directions given by the court under rule 34.07).

2.     THIS COURT ORDERS that the registrar prepare and issue a commission naming (name), of (address), as commissioner to take the evidence of the witness (name of witness) in (name of province, state or country) (where the order is made under Rule 36, add and, on consent of the parties, any other witness who may be found there) for use at trial (or on examination for discovery, etc.)

3.     THIS COURT ORDERS that the registrar prepare and issue a letter of request addressed to the judicial authorities of (name of province, state or country), requesting the issuing of such process as is necessary to compel the witness (or witnesses) to attend and be examined before the commissioner.

(Signature of judge, officer or registrar)

RCP-E 34E (November 1, 2005)