Form 27A

Courts of Justice Act


(Where the counterclaim includes as a defendant to the counterclaim a person who is not already a party to the main action, use Form 27B.)

(Include the counterclaim in the same document as the statement of defence, and entitle the document STATEMENT OF DEFENCE AND COUNTERCLAIM.  The counterclaim is to follow the last paragraph of the statement of defence.  Number the paragraphs in sequence commencing with the number following the number of the last paragraph of the statement of defence.)


The defendant (name if more than one defendant) claims: (State here the precise relief claimed.)

(Then set out in separate, consecutively numbered paragraphs each allegation of material fact relied on to substantiate the counterclaim.)

(Where the defendant to the counterclaim is sued in a capacity other than that in which the defendant is a party to the main action, set out the capacity.)


(Name, address and telephone number of plaintiff’s solicitor or plaintiff)

TO (Name and address of solicitor for defendant to the counterclaim or of defendant to the counterclaim)

RCP-E 27A (November 1, 2005)